About Us
HUNAN HANRUI NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a high-tech enterprise,Website:,was founded in 2011 with total area of more than 200?000 square meters,registered capital is RMB 100 million,and with the exploitation right of vanadium pentoxide,we are specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of high purity vanadium series products, at the same time,we pay attention to scientific and technological innovation,founded the HANRUI INSTITUTE of vanadium,with strong technical strength of our R&D team and joint studies with the tertiary institutions,we have successfully obtained great breakthrough on manufacturing high purity vanadium and related chemicals,a number of technologies in both international and domestic leading level. Since the establishment,our company is always implementing the sustainable development strategy of ?talent-oriented, priority to science and technology,developing,share a win-win situation?,and always take the mission of ?GREEN HANRUI,vanadium industry leader?,try our best to create first class company brand. We always lead the market by quality,create difference by innovation and winning in the competition by cost to meet the demand of the market,we provide our customer with the most satisfying products and high quality technocal service with warming and serious realistic working attitudes,we will do our efforts to be the forever reliable partner with all customers.
Products and services
high purity vanadium pentoxide?vanadium pentoxide?V2O5?high purity V2O5?ammonium metavanadate?NH4VO3?sodium metavanadate?NaVO3?Potassium vanadate?KVO3?vanadyl sulfate?VOSO4?vanadium tetraoxide?V2O4?vanadium trioxide?V2O3?vanadium catalyst?Bismuth vanadate?BiVO4?high purity vanadium chemical?vanadium chemical?vanadium nitrogen?vanadium nitride?VCN?vanadium